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The eclipse created smiles.

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If you spent any time on social media after the eclipse yesterday, you probably saw as many mixed reviews as I did, especially from those who witnessed it locally and did not travel to the path of totality. I noted descriptions from “beautiful” and “awe-inspiring” to “cool” and “that was it?” For many, it was a great experience. For others, it wasn’t worth the hype.

eclipse on paper

Amy Yinger rigged binoculars to capture the eclipse.

The experience here at the office in Wake Forest was pleasant and unsurprising. I understood that we would not experience totality and therefore not experience a dip into total darkness. Instead, the light grew dusky for about 20 minutes. The temperature dropped measurably, but not over-dramatically. My coworkers and I enjoyed a little time outside on the grassy area near Town Hall watching the projection of the eclipse change by the moment as it peaked.

What I noticed most were the smiles the eclipse created. From those beside me to friends posting on Facebook and from those staring into boxes and paper plates to those wearing their NASA-approved eclipse glasses with eyes raised to the sky, everyone was smiling. I think that, my friends, made the whole thing worth it to me despite my burnout on the hype, about which I wrote yesterday.

If you follow this hyperlink, you can take a look at some of the photos I took with my little old cell-phone yesterday, and you’ll see a few of the smiles to which I’m referring.