Weather has new relevance as a homeowner

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For just over a week, my life has revolved around a huge milestone in my adult life. I bought a house! I’ve closed, cleaned, hired service people, moved, and used my electric lawn mower for the first time. It has been a whirlwind, and the weather has been perfect for all of it! Maybe I’m greedy. I could use just one more weekend of great weather so I can do some of my outdoor projects this weekend – like painting the porch rails – but it looks like my luck is about to run out.

While thinking about all I’ve done since closing and all that still needs to be done to make the house feel like my own, I’m somewhat surprised at how much the weather has played into my planning. I mean, of course it has, but this much? Here are a few examples:

Rain barrels

Did you know rain barrels are considered a fixture in real estate terms? I would have bought the house had they not already been on the property, but the fact that they were there was a bonus. Rain barrels have always been on my “wants” list for when I owned a home. Those giant drums that catch the rain runoff from your gutters can be used to water the plants in your flower beds and gardens. At the moment, mine are empty, and that is fine since I needed to move them for the power washers anyway. A full rain barrel is exceedingly heavy. My thinking was that once I stained the deck, they could be put back in place. With a decent chance for rain on Sunday, I may have to postpone the staining and put them back sooner.


Speaking of gardens, I have one now! What do I know about gardening? Not as much as I would like to. I mean there is more to having a garden than just planting seeds and waiting for veggies to pop out of the green stuff, right? I’m just kidding. I’m not quite that ignorant, but I have a lot to learn if I want to harvest some healthy goodness next year. Right now, the tomatoes are small and green, and the pepper plants are wilted and sad. Even I can tell what’s left from this summer’s growing season needs rain.

Outdoor living space

The house has a nice deck. It needs a little TLC, but that doesn’t bother me too much… until I realize the TLC requires another full weekend of sunshine. I guess that project will have to wait.

So, my garden and rain barrels need water, but the deck and other projects such as cleaning the over-stuffed gutters need more dry weather. Suddenly, I’m looking at the forecast with an entirely new perspective. I’m sure those of you reading this who have been homeowners for years are snickering a bit and thinking “welcome to the American dream.” I’m fine with it, really. It’s all part of the life I’m building for myself.

Wed-Wed QPF forecast

The Weather Prediction Center’s precipitation forecast for October 4 through the morning of October 11 shows over an inch of total rainfall is possible for our area over the next seven days.

Oh, but this is a weather blog, and not an HGTV article, right? I’m sure you’ve caught that the pattern is about to change. The area of high pressure that has dominated our weather this week will move eastward by Friday. Its movement will allow two low pressure systems to influence our forecast. One system will be moving across the Great Lakes region. The other could be named Tropical Storm Nate in the next 24 hours. It looks like Nate will move up through the Gulf of Mexico, into the Deep South, and then link up with the frontal system associated with that Great Lakes low as it crosses the Appalachians.

The result of all this atmospheric motion will be a change in the wind direction, which in turn, will bring warmer, humid air up from the Gulf of Mexico. Our dew points will increase, leading to warmer overnight lows this weekend. Our chances for rain will also increase starting late Saturday evening/overnight. Sunday will bring a good chance for showers with some thunder possible, and the weather will remain unsettled through Monday and into Tuesday.

The deck can wait. I think I will celebrate the rain along with those plants in my garden.