Niki MorockMeteorologist Niki Morock

Niki is a digital media professional with a B.A. in mass communication from North Carolina State University, which she earned in 1996.  Her infatuation with severe weather won out in 2004, prompting her to return to NCSU to earn her B.S. in atmospheric science (2007).  After graduation, she spent 2 years in Saint Paul, Minnesota, as a broadcast meteorologist at Weather Eye Radio Network and started volunteering as a Skywarn Trainer. In 2009, she returned to Raleigh and founded her own website for weather enthusiasts interested in more information about meteorology as a career.  From 2012 – 2015, she wrote the Clear Weather blog for the Raleigh News & Observer in addition to working in their advertising department, specializing in digital advertising.  In November 2016, Niki began working as a meteorologist for Kingsdale Media/Allen Publishing, which was purchased by Restoration Newsmedia, LLC., in January of 2019.

She is an active member of the Central North Carolina Chapter of the American Meteorological Society and is former Vice-president and former Secretary of the chapter.